What are the advantages of laser pneumatic chuck


What are the advantages of laser pneumatic chuck?

Our pneumatic chucks are mainly designed for laser tube cutting machines. The laser pneumatic chucks are used to clamp and unclamp tubes.

1、 Compared with the manual chuck, the pneumatic chuck can be clamped or released instantly by pressing the hand-held box or button. The clamping force is stable and reliable. The clamping force of the chuck can be adjusted according to the weight of the pipe, and the clamping jaw can also be customized according to different pipes of customers. The chuck is convenient and fast, which can greatly improve the cutting efficiency of customers.


2、 Stronger security and reliability. The pneumatic chuck can still firmly clamp the workpiece for cutting when the air source is disconnected, which solves the customer’s concerns about safety and reliability.


3、 Innovative structure and convenient installation. The customer can quickly install according to the chuck commissioning and operation manual or installation video. In the whole installation process, the positioning key at the bottom of the chuck bearing seat and the surrounding supporting surface can be used for rapid positioning, so as to improve the efficiency and cost of customer installation.


4、 High clamping accuracy to meet customer needs. The laser pneumatic chuck adopts fully enclosed structure and has strict dust-proof function. The internal parts adopt high-end heat treatment and grinding technology to ensure the service life of the chuck.


5、 The use of laser pneumatic chuck reduces the processing procedures and equipment, and the automatic production site greatly reduces the labor cost and intensity, improves the corporate image and improves the market competitiveness of products.