Performance and advantages of pneumatic chuck compared with manual chuck


Compared with the manual chuck, the pneumatic chuck can automatically center and clamp the workpiece in an instant by pressing the key. The clamping force is stable and reliable, and the size can be adjusted. The customer can clamp various pipe fittings according to the size of the workpiece. In addition to improving the work efficiency, greatly reducing the cost of human resources, and reducing the investment in fixed equipment, the pipe pneumatic chuck is widely used in the mechanical processing enterprises of batch pipe fittings.

Performance and advantages of pneumatic chuck compared with manual chuck-Dairuike

1. Reduce labor intensity and improve corporate image:

The use of pneumatic chuck can not only improve production efficiency, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, making your enterprise a model of caring workers, adding two new points to the recruitment of enterprise personnel and improving the market competitiveness of products, improving the equipment grade, enhancing the overall image of the enterprise, and is the preferred product for equipment improvement of ultra strength machining enterprises.


2. Affordable price to meet low-end users:

Compared with hydraulic chuck, pneumatic chuck is simple in structure, low in use cost, low in failure rate, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It mainly uses air as the power source. One 1m3 air pump can run 8-10 pneumatic chucks at the same time, and part of the pneumatic rotator is clamped and loosened without air leakage, which can save air source, reduce the use cost and maintenance cost of chucks (such as hydraulic oil), and meet the equipment transformation of most domestic users.


3. High clamping accuracy and long service life.

The pneumatic chuck can adopt a totally enclosed structure. All purchased parts can be selected precisely. The parts are kept improving. All mating surfaces have the function of dust prevention. In addition, the unique material selection and heat treatment technology greatly improve the service life of the chuck. If the maintenance and use methods are appropriate, the service life of the product can reach more than 8 years, It can also achieve long-term development and maintain the quality of “precision”, so that your investment needs long-term asset preservation. The repeated clamping accuracy is generally 0.01-0.03mm, and the limit speed is 3000 rpm.