How to Troubleshoot The Laser Tube Cutting Machine Chuck Noise?


Laser Cutting Tube Chuck Before The Card Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Gear Meshing:

The meshing is too loose will cause the active gear in the transmission process of impact and noise, but also directly reflected to the laser cutting tube chuck rotation noise. Gear meshing loose in the pneumatic chuck back and forth in the process of rotation will have a slight impact sound.

2. Bearing Rotation Noise:

Disconnect the gears of the reducer, manually rotate the pneumatic front chuck alone, whether there is a foreign noise. Here the noise is mainly divided into bearing noise or bearing seat and pneumatic chuck body screw interference generated noise.

3. Motor Reducer Abnormalities:

Remove the reducer with the motor, rotate alone to see if there is a noise in the rotation of the reducer.

Gear tooth surface cleanliness: check the two gear meshing position or tooth surface there is no waste falling to the tooth surface caused by extrusion, in the transmission process to produce a strange sound. Laser cutting tube chuck after the card troubleshooting steps.

1. Gear Meshing:

Pneumatic back card gear meshing is normal, too tight and too loose will cause abnormal sound after the card’s rotation. Can properly add pneumatic after the card gear grease and adjust the gear mesh to improve the sound of rotation.

2. Pneumatic Distributor Noise:

Pneumatic rear card anti-rotation plate screw is locked, locked will pull the air distributor dead, causing the card rotation noise and air distribution fracture.

3. Tooth Surface Cleaning:

Check the gear tooth surface has no scrap, waste extrusion.

4. Dust Extraction Tube Displacement:

Hollow after the card in the middle of the internal dust extraction tube has a slight displacement phenomenon, not in the center of rotation, resulting in after the card rotation process dust extraction tube and the middle of the body bore cut, such as displacement can remove the dust extraction tube for reinstallation.