How to Make Their Own Laser Tube Cutting Chuck Cut More Smoothly And With Higher Precision


Installation and use requirements of laser tube cutting chuck:

The laser tube cutting chuck is designed for super heavy pipes with laser power ranging from 4kw to 12kw.


1. The anti rotation screws of the air circuit distributor at the end of the main card shall be installed according to the requirements. If the fastening screws at both ends are tightened, the stator and rotor of the air circuit distributor will be eccentric and damaged after long-term use.


2. The chuck cannot be rotated during clamping or loosening the air inlet; Otherwise, the rubber inside the air circuit components will be worn and air leakage will occur. After clamping the parts, the cartoon passes through the check valve in the air circuit,

The pressure maintaining of the gas circuit can be realized, and the pressure maintaining time can be up to more than 12 hours, so that the product can not be affected by sudden gas cut-off during processing.


3. In order to prevent the misoperation of the rotating chuck during the air inlet process of opening or clamping the middle chuck,

The chuck is recommended to upgrade the software to version above all motion commands with b-axis rotation are not allowed to be executed during chuck clamping and loosening.


4. Precautions: the way of high gasket in the commissioning center is wrong. After the screw is locked, the bearing base is uneven and the bearing seat is deformed. In serious cases, the bearing can be damaged.


Correctly install the main card to keep the chuck parallel to the guide rail of the bed, and ensure that the axis of the pipe is parallel to the guide rail during the movement and feeding of the main card; Use the commissioning datum of the medium card to debug the medium card,

Ensure the concentricity and coaxiality of the middle card and the main card to improve the cutting accuracy.