How to correctly use the chuck of laser pipe cutting machine


Requirements for use of pneumatic chuck:

1. The laser pipe cutting machine can achieve better stability, larger loading capacity and greatly improve shock resistance. During daily use, the operator shall carefully check whether the chuck jaw screws are tightened according to the requirements. Please use clean and stable compressed air, and the air pressure of the air source shall be controlled within 0.3 ~ 0.8MPa.

2. Clean the sliding parts of the chuck irregularly every day to ensure the normal use of the chuck, check the wear of vulnerable parts of the chuck, and replace vulnerable parts if necessary.

3. When the claw roller is worn and replaced, only the eccentric shafts at both ends of the claw need to be slightly adjusted to meet the factory accuracy requirements.

4. During the use of the chuck, the sliding block surface of the chuck shall be cleaned and maintained regularly according to the instructions in the manual, and the lubricating grease shall be added to each lubricating part according to the lubrication requirements.

5. When connecting the electrical control part, pay attention to the solenoid valve coil voltage and connect the appropriate voltage to avoid damaging the electrical device.

6. When the chuck is not used for a long time, the chuck is recommended to remove the parts clamped on the chuck to ensure that the accuracy of the chuck is not affected by external forces.