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Hollow Pneumatic Rear Chuck
  • 1

    All-in-one design

    Multi-angle installation of the reducer can be realized
  • 2

    Convenient Application

    Large clamping stroke of rear card, few types of jaws,easy to use
  • 3

    Strong Clamping Force

    Increase of clamping force, realize heavy pipe processing
  • 4

    Position detection

    Support the detection of the maximum jaw opening and minimum clamping position
  • 5

    With dust extraction or blowing function


Performance parameter

OD(mm) Centre-height    (mm) Total Weight     (Kg) Inertia            (K g.cm ²) Repeatability (mm) Rotary precision     (mm)
Φ535 275±0.05 300 40000 ≤0.1 ≤0.15
Single Claw trip(mm) Single Claw thrust     (Kg.f) Processing Range  (mm) Permissible pressure    (M pa) Rated speed      (rpm) thickness of pipe(mm)
60 780 15-360 0.2-0.8 100 ≥2


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