Advantages of Laser Chucks


Advantages of Laser Chucks:

Dairuike is a high-quality manufacturer of laser chuck R&D, manufacturing and supply. Today, we will introduce the advantages of laser chuck in detail to help customers better understand the product.

1. Rapidly Improve Work Efficiency:

Compared with the manual chuck, the laser chuck can be automatically centered by clicking a button, the clamping force is stable and reliable, and the size can also be adjusted. Customers can choose the jaws that match the chuck, which can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece Jaw position. In addition to improving work efficiency, one person can operate multiple devices, which greatly reduces human resource costs and investment in fixed equipment. It is widely used in batch and single-product machining enterprises.

2. Reduce Labor Force and Improve Corporate Image:

The use of laser chucks can not only greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers while improving production efficiency, but also make your company a model of caring for workers, adding new opportunities to the recruitment of corporate personnel and product market competitiveness. Highlights, improve the level of equipment, improve the overall image of the enterprise.

Advantages of Laser Chucks-Dairuike

3. The Convenience of Structural Innovation:

When installing the laser chuck, the user does not need to change the equipment structure. By reading the installation manual and schematic diagram, the entire installation process can be completed in a short period of time, which saves production costs for many users and improves the operating efficiency of equipment users.

4. High Clamping Precision and Long Life:

The laser chuck is a fully enclosed structure. The purchased parts are carefully selected. The mating surface has a dust-proof function. Combined with unique material selection and heat treatment technology, the lifespan is much longer than that of the manual chuck. With correct use and maintenance, the lifespan can reach more than 5 years . And it can ensure that the precision of the parts maintains the precision of the factory for a long time, so that your investment can be preserved for a long time.

5. Strong Safety and Reliability:

Before leaving the factory, the laser chuck is repeatedly tested by technicians for its action and performance. All the accessories used and measured meet the national standards. It can still clamp the workpiece firmly when the power is disconnected, which solves the safety and reliability of domestic customers. sexual issues.